Your Guide to “In My Place” Carers Emergency Service

Does someone rely on you to keep safe and well?

Getting in touch

For help, over the telephone, to complete your on-line plan, please contact the Carers Matter Norfolk Helpline: Freephone – 0800 083 1148 or Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020.

Contact us on 0344 800 8020:

  • For social care information and advice, including the In My Place service
  • To find out about support we can provide
  • To access services and leaflets – plus large print, tape, Braille and translations
  • For urgent help at any time – not just office hours

Or use our online enquiry form at

Or text phone 0344 800 8011
Fax 0344 8900 8012
Mobile phone text 07767 647670

Or go to

Or write to:
Norfolk County Council,
PO Box 3210,
Norwich NR7 7AB

What happens in an emergency?

You, or someone else, can ring the emergency telephone number and give the number of your plan.

Your named emergency contacts will be alerted to help by the emergency helpline service.

The service will help even if the named contacts cannot be reached, or you do not have any people who can help nearby.

Your plan will tell us about the person you care for and the things you do to help them. Care workers will provide an initial response, to allow enough time to plan what will need to happen next.

What is an emergency?

An emergency may be because:

  • • you have been taken ill or someone close to you is unwell or had an emergency.
  • you have had an accident or simply your car has broken down and you cannot get home in time.
  • emergency services will know what to do when they see you are carrying a Carers Emergency Card.

Are my details kept safe?

Yes. They will be kept safe on a secure computer database. Only people who need to help you will be able to see your details.

Who is the “In My Place” service for?

It is for anyone who gives unpaid care to a relative or friend who is ill, disabled, frail, has a learning difficulty, mental health or substance misuse problem and needs regular help to stay safe and well. You may be caring for more than one person.

How do I join?

You can join the scheme via our on-line form at

This will be your Carers Emergency Plan. Do not worry if you cannot fill in all the details. When you have registered, a Carers Emergency Card will be sent to you.

If you are unable to set this up on-line, you can get telephone support:

The card clearly says you are a Carer and someone is relying on you to keep them safe and well.

It will also have the number of your plan and an emergency telephone number to ring.