Covid Vaccination Update – 17th February 2021

Apologies for not posting our regular update report last week, but please read on for an up to date view of how we are progressing with our Covid Vaccination Campaign.

On 4 February we reported that all our patients in the current government target Cohorts 1-4 had been contacted with the offer of a vaccine. This means that:

  • All our Residential Care and Nursing homes patients and staff have been vaccinated or offered the vaccine
  • So have all patients above the age of 70 or who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable.
  • Over 150 housebound patients in the relevant age groups have also been vaccinated at home.

Since then we have been contacting patients in Cohort 5 with an offer of vaccination and as of today’s date our vaccinated figures for cohorts 2-5 are shown below.

Cohort Description Patients % Vaccinated
Cohort 2 – >80s 1112 98.29%
Cohort 3 – 75-79s 744 98.25%
Cohort 4 – 70-74s and Clinically Extremely Vulnerable 1231 94.64%
Cohort 5 – 65-69s 788 39.97%

The majority of our remaining Cohort 5 patients are due to be vaccinated this Saturday and we will be inviting some of our Cohort 6 patients – the 16-64s at Moderate Risk from Covid – to a clinic on Saturday 27 February.

Due to this fantastic progress and the number of vaccines available we are just expecting to run the one clinic again next week. All of the vaccine stocks allocated to us each week are used within the week to ensure eligible patients are getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

Thank you once again to all members of our incredible team who have really pulled out the stops and gone over and above to help us deliver this important service. And to our fantastic army of volunteers who have been so organised, dedicated and patient, despite the many weather challenges.

And a massive thank you once again to you – our patients – for supporting us by coming to the surgery for your vaccines even when the weather is challenging and the going gets tough! We are proud to be able to deliver this incredibly important service to you.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted yet or if you have had a letter but not been called. We will be in touch as soon as we have more vaccine stocks available and patients in your group or cohort are being called, in accordance with government guidelines.