Change of Usual GP

Dr Seyed Izzadeen became a permanent member of the practice team as a Salaried GP in February 2020, having previously completed his GP training as a registrar with the practice.

Under normal circumstances we would have taken steps to allocate patients to him as their “Usual GP” at that time. However, due to our focus on Covid, just after him being confirmed in post, we have only recently completed this process.

As a result some patients may now notice that they have had Dr Izzadeen assigned as their “Usual GP”, rather than remaining on Dr Smith’s or Dr Scott’s list. This change was implemented for patients who have most recently registered with the practice to try and minimise disruption to long term continuity of care. If this has happened to you, we would encourage you to consult with Dr Izzadeen and get to know him, as we hope he will be with the practice for many years to come.

However, if you are unhappy with the change, you are still at liberty to request to see other doctors within the practice. Furthermore, if feel strongly about this and really wish to continue consulting regularly the doctor who was previously your Usual GP, you can contact the practice and request a change, either by submitting a form via our website or by calling. If you would like to submit a form via the website please go to the Administration Office – Click ask the practice a question complete and send and we will respond.

Many Thanks