Patient Participation Group

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What your PPG does

  • Advises the practice on patients’ views.
  • Organises health promotion events e.g. Cancer awareness day.
  • Supports the practice team with flu clinics.
  • Runs volunteer services and support groups to meet local needs.
  • Carries out research into the views of those who use the practice (and their carers).
  • Influences the practice or the wider NHS to improve patient services.
  • Fundraisers to improve the services/equipment not provided by the NHS.

What do we do

Patient involvement is now high priority in the NHS. Patient participation groups (PPGs) are used to establish a means of both the Clinical Commissioning Group and the medical practice communicating with patients.

At Sheringham we are a group of patient members and practice members and we meet at the practice on a monthly basis. Minutes of our meetings are displayed on the notice board on the left wall of the lobby as you enter the Practice building and the names of the members are also displayed.

So what do we do?

For the clinical commissioning group (CCG) we respond to requests from them for information and opinion on proposals they have. We recently gave our view on how the audiology services could be changed to provide a better local service.

The CCG provide us (via the practice) with full details of any complaint they receive concerning the practice and the PCT response to the complaint. As a group we can then consider what action (if any) is required.

For the medical practice we offer our opinion, advice and assistance on how we can provide the best possible service to patients. We work both collectively and individually.

Some of our activities you will know about but we will include them in the list that follows:

  • Contacts are made with care homes in the practice area.
  • Primary school children are producing artwork for a display in the children’s area.
  • Assistance is given to the practice staff on the annual flu clinic days.
  • One member works very hard at fundraising to provide additional equipment for the benefit of patient treatment and diagnosis.
  • The group were involved in the recent patient survey.
  • We are involved in the preparation of the practice newsletter.
  • The practice has involved the group in the process of making a bid to the CCG for additional funding to provide another doctor.

We are not

  • A practice management committee. So, we do not interfere with the practice’s management decision or its day to day organisation.
  • Part of the complaints procedure. There is already a procedure for complaints and a feedback book situated on the reception desk. However, if a patient requests that a member accompany them to a meeting concerning a complaint as a ‘friend’ we are happy to respond.

Do you have a complaint or compliment?

Please talk to the practice staff quickly. There is a good procedure for doing this. If you need help a patient group member will guide you. The practice needs to know what went wrong as soon as possible, so that the matter can be investigated and any problem solved. If the investigation shows a need for action, the PPG will discuss it.