Nursing and HCA Team

Nurse Practitioner /Nurse Manager – Debbie Ash
Debbie is an experienced Nurse Prescriber and is the Nurse Manager at Sheringham Medical Practice. Prior to working in general practice for 16 years, she worked as a senior nurse on a medical ward and has also been a community liaison sister and physical rehabilitation nurse.

Debbie is able to see patients aged 2 years and over with acute and chronic illnesses and has extended skills in the management of diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart disease and hypertension.

She is also able to deal with women’s health issues and has an interest in mental health and learning disabilities, having worked in this field prior to her general nurse training.

As a nurse prescriber, Debbie it able to assess, diagnose and prescribe medications, arrange investigations such as blood tests, x-rays, scans as well as refer to secondary care for specialist treatment.

Debbie first joined the practice in September 2017 having moved to North Norfolk from Northamptonshire.

Nurse Practitioner/Team Coordinator– Jess Whitelam
Jess moved from Lincolnshire to Norfolk 2 years ago. Prior to nursing she did a biology degree at Kingston University, then completed her post graduate diploma in Nursing with Nottingham University. Jess started at Sheringham Medical practice in December 2021 and has completed her masters in Advancing professional practice.

Jess is involved in management of patients with diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic kidney disease. Jess also sees adults and children with most health concerns including skin complaints/lesions, abdominal concerns, chest pain, chest infections, ear problems, pain, depression/mental health concerns.

Nurse Practitioner – Chris Tate
Chris is an experienced Nurse Practitioner. Her background includes health visiting, mental health nursing and practice nursing. She has also worked as a Macmillan nurse specialist and spent many years working with HIV patients in London. She is available to see patients face to face or as a telephone consultation for all common family health issues including childhood illness, aches and pains, rashes, skin lesions, coughs and colds and contraception. She can examine diagnose and prescribe medicines as needed and can refer for specialist opinion too.

Nurse Practitioner -Susan Lees
Susan is a Nurse Practitioner seeing a wide range of on the day minor illness presentations such as sore throats, ear infections, chest infections, urine infections and many other minor illnesses. Susan also sees some minor injuries.

Susan has a keen interest in skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes.

Nurse Prescriber – Michele Willis
Michele is an experienced Nurse Prescriber and has worked in general practice for 15 years. Michele joined Sheringham Medical Practice 8 July 2019 as a Nurse Prescriber and she offers the following clinics diabetes, COPD, asthma, coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation. Michele also has an interest in women’s health, child and travel vaccinations.

Practice Nurse – Julie Grand
Julie is a Practice Nurse. Julie’s background is in diabetes and she moved from a diabetes facilitator role at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. Julie joined Sheringham Medical Practice in June 2021 as a Practice Nurse in general practice Julie offers the following clinics smears, child and adult vaccinations, ring changes, dressings, hormone injections, women’s health – contraception and HRT reviews and Hypertension/CHD reviews. Julie specialises in diabetes.

Treatment Room Nurse – Zoe Frosdick
Zoe qualified as a Nurse in 2014 and worked at the Norfolk & Norwich prior to joining the practice as a treatment room nurse on 30 November 2020.

Zoe offers the following clinics Dressings, Respiratory Reviews, Cervical Smears, Contraception, Adult Vaccinations, Child Immunisations, Blood Pressure Checks and Blood Tests.

Health Care Assistant/Team Coordinator – Lisa Simmons
Lisa began her career at Sheringham Medical Practice in 2007 as a medical receptionist and trained internally in 2010 as an HCA. Lisa is the HCA Team coordinator, and she helps support the HCA GPs and the nursing team

Lisa works in practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and her role is health promotion, and her lead areas are Spirometry and Dementia. Lisa covers a wide variety of clinics including chronic disease, dressings, vaccinations, annual reviews and ECG,s

Health Care Assistant – Chrissy Seago
Chrissy is an experienced Health Care Assistant who joined the practice on 2 July 2019. Chrissy has worked in general Practice for 15 years starting her career as a medical secretary and then re training as an HCA.

Chrissy works in practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and her role is health promotion, she also covers a wide variety of clinics including chronic disease, dressings, vaccinations, annual reviews and ECG,s.

Health Care Assistant – Emily Mathews
Emily joined the practice on 12 July 2021 as a health care assistant. Emily is currently developing her role as an HCA and hopes to apply for the Training Nursing Associate Apprenticeship once she has consolidated her in house training.

Emily works Monday, Wednesday and Friday her role is health promotion, and she offers NHS checks, New patient checks, ECG, Blood pressure and vaccination clinics.